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Our Mission:

Unleashing Energy and Creativity in the lives of individuals,
for the purpose of increasing opportunities for
wealth and well-being in the world.

The following are a few axioms by which we live:

  1. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.
  2. Hu-Man is the physical extension of pure, positive, non-physical, God-force, Source, Love-Energy.
  3. Source Energy is gender neutral.
  4. Hu-Man is eternally evolving by his own self-centered preferences and perspectives.
  5. Suffering is a form of Self-denial and a vibrational choice.
  6. The Purpose of Light is Expansion.
    (Without Light there is no contrast, without contrast there is no diversity, without diversity there is no expansion, and without expansion there is no eternal life.)
  7. A perceived loss of freedom is at the core of every conflict
  8. Conflict is at the core of change.
  9. Change is new life… new stories… and new worlds.
  10. We are living the never-ending story, happily ever-after.

A word of caution: once your mind has expanded beyond your comfort zone, you cannot return to the seemingly small and insignificant human being you once thought you were.

Who We Are:

We are the physical extensions of Source Energy. We came here (in physical form) to have a good time. We Trust the Universe to match us up with our most fervent desires, while we enjoy the journey. We are vibrational, eternal, beings of Light. We are literally the center of our universe and we take full responsibility for everything in it.

Our Doctrine:

We are so free that we can even choose bondage.

Joy is the natural condition of our alignment with Source Energy.

Our Desires are forever calling us forward to Life Eternal.  We can’t get it wrong because we never get it done.

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