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The Law of Attraction in Action

We are more about Mentorship than Membership

A New Trinity: Happy, Healthy and Wealthy

The members/mentors in the Church of Profitsea understand that:

Happiness is always an inside job. Unconditional happiness is as rare as unconditional love. As long as humans look outside themselves for their happiness, it will constantly elude them. Conditions are temporary. Happiness that comes from your alignment with Source Energy is eternal.

Health is always a state of mind. Humans tear themselves apart mentally, physically, and emotionally when they look outside themselves for confirmation of their worthiness (Wholeness). We highly recommend reading “The Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton.

Money is one of the purest forms of energy there is because money is energy in potential – it can be a seed, and if used positively and proactively, it can reveal enormous Light.  Living the abundant life is an emotional journey. The human that spreads happiness, will always be wealthy.

Our Mission

Unleashing Energy and Creativity in the lives of individuals, for the purpose of increasing…

Evolution of Religion

There will never be a world religion… ever. God created us so diverse for a reason...

12 Premises

Learn twelve premises for creating your own reality and living your life to its full potential.

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